30.09 2016

Publication of Marcin Mioduszewski in iKAR

In the recent issue of the on-line periodical „The Internet Antimonopoly and Regulatory Quarterly” (iKAR 5(5)/2016) of the Centre of Antitrust and Regulatory Studies (CARS) of the University of Warsaw, a commentary of Marcin Mioduszewski was published regarding the judgment of the Appellate Court in Cracow delivered on June 25, 2015 (case No. I ACa 466/15).
The commentary, entitled “Termination of license agreement for the use of the repertoire by the organization for collective management of related rights under the abuse of the organization’s dominant position”, can be accessed at the following internet address:

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16.08 2016

Publication by Jarosław Sroczyński in the post-conference book entitled “Economics of Competition Protection. Vertical Restraints”

In June 2016, a post-conference book was published on “Economics of Competition Protection. Vertical Restraints”, edited by Prof. Anna Fornalczyk and Prof. Tadeusz Skoczny. The book contains articles and speeches presented by the participants of the international conference, organized in Warsaw in October 2015 by the OCCP and the Centre for Antitrust and Regulatory Studies (CARS).
During the conference, Mr. Sroczyński was speaking on “Behavioral economy as an analytical tool in competition law”, in the panel entitled “Use of economics in the application of competition law”. The above presentation was now published in the post-conference book as an article under the same title. The publication contains also accounts of the different panels held during the conference. Mr. Sroczyński was a moderator of one them, devoted to “The areas of application of economic analyses in antimonopoly law”.

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