07.08 2008

Debate: sponsoring in mass media

On August 6, 2008, Jaroslaw Sroczynski participated in a three-party debate between sponsors, sponsored institutions, and the mass media, devoted to the current issues of sponsoring cultural and scientific events. During the debate, Mr. Sroczyński presented the legal ramifications of sponsoring in Poland. The participants signed a common statement, opening the possibility of introducing a sponsoring conduct code. The debate was held in Pałac Staszica in Warsaw.

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19.05 2008

Legal training for our colleaugues

Karolina Włodarska-Dziurzyńska and Jarosław Sroczyński were speakers during a training session for legal counsellors, organized on May 16-18, 2008 in Kudowa Zdrój by the Council of the Wrocław Legal Counsellors Bar. Dr. Włodarska-Dziurzyńska presented a lecture on the practical aspects of enforcement of the Law on Unfair Competition and Mr. Sroczyński on the links between the competition and consumer laws.

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07.03 2008

Workshop and the launch of Markiewicz & Sroczyński

On March 6, 2008, the Scientific Workshop was organized in the Foksal Press Centre in Warsaw and was devoted to the legal areas of our specialty, i.e., copyright and antimonopoly laws. The discussed topics were closely connected with the jurisprudence of the President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection, the Polish courts and European Community institutions in relation to activities of the societies for the collective management in the field of copyright and neighbouring rights.
The following speakers made presentations during the Workshop: Mr. Grzegorz Materna, Director of the OCCP, Dr. Kamil Kiljański of DG COMP, Professor Janusz Barta, Professor Ryszard Markiewicz and Jarosław Sroczyński of M&S. Our moderator was Professor Tadeusz Skoczny, director of the Centre of Antimonopoly and Regulatory Studies of the Warsaw University (CSAiR), which co-organized the Workshop together with M&S.
Over 100 participants attended the Workshop, representing the scientific environment, state and regulatory institutions, the collective management societies, companies (especially from the media sector), law firms and economic consultancies.
The Workshop was also an occasion to present the legal publications of Wolters Kluwer.
Following the scientific part of the Workshop, we had a memorable celebration of the launch of Markiewicz & Sroczyński.

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15.02 2008

Informedia Polska Conference

On February 14, 2008, Jarosław Sroczyński presented a lecture at the Informedia Polska Conference in Warsaw, entitled: “Unfair market practices. New law, old practices? Confrontation with the Antimonopoly Law”. The presentation was devoted to the changes in the Polish competition law following the entry into force of the Law on Counteracting Unfair Market Practices.

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