1. Successful argumentation convincing the Polish authority to convert the already issued merger prohibition decision into an acceptable remedy decision.
  2. Convincing the authority to close a phase 2 of a complex merger investigation and decide the case still in phase 1, once a phase 2 has already been opened.
  3. Obtaining a comfort letter of the authority confirming that the potentially notifiable foreign joint venture does not need to be notified in Poland, based on a precedential approach to the “effect principle”.
  4. Securing an unconditional clearance decision in a 3-to-2 merger on the media market.
  5. Convincing the authority to drop cartel charges based on the concept of “parallel behavior”.
  6. Successfully propose to the authority to apply the criminal law principle “in dubio pro reo” in a leniency case involving conflicting evidence as to which undertaking was the initiator of a cartel.
  7. Obtaining a decision of the authority confirming that an incremental rebate scheme of a dominant entity is legally admissible.
  8. Successful court case confirming that a dominant market player did not commit an abuse through a refusal to supply.
  9. Obtaining a ruling of the Court of Appeals confirming that the client’s sale system was not a distribution but an agency, despite resale price maintenance charges raised by the authority based on the wording of the pertinent agreement.
  10. Obtaining a court injunction prohibiting the authority to issue a cartel decision before the procedural aspect of access to the files will have been settled.