Markiewicz Sroczyński Mioduszewski GP is a specialized law firm, based upon the long-term professional experiences of its Partners and other lawyers. M&S is active throughout Poland.

MSM provides extensive legal advice in the general areas of regulatory law, primarily competition and antimonopoly, consumer protection, intellectual property, media and Internet law, unfair competition, protection of personal data and privacy, energy law, tourism law, etc. We also offer advice on anticorruption law, especially in respect of the civil and administrative effects of corruption crimes.

The nature of Markiewicz Sroczyński Mioduszewski enables us to take a sophisticated approach to client’s legal interests in numerous fields of regulatory law of Poland and the European Union.

Our lawyers recognize very well the necessity for practical and quick reactions to specific client’s issues; sometimes advice can be rendered quickly over the phone or mail but there are also situations where it is necessary to prepare an exhaustive court opinion or a detailed memorandum.

This is why our fees are always related to the scope and complexity of our instructions. From the client’s point of view, we think it is really beneficial for them to receive detailed information on the costs related to a specific course of action, so client’s expenses are always discussed beforehand.

As a tool for obtaining the broad legal picture of the company’s activities and, at the same time, keeping the client’s costs to the most economical, we recommend the “Regulatory Packages”. Within this complex legal review we provide “preventive” audits in several regulatory areas. Subsequently, we develop practical conclusions (for example, which contractual clauses require a change) and, if necessary, we “wrap up” the review with legal trainings specially prepared for employee or management groups. For more information on the Regulatory Packages, please contact Jarosław Sroczyński.

We offer legal advice on various matters involving public law; for example, assistance on the obligatory notifications of mergers to the President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection, on the verification of distribution agreements for conformity with antitrust law, on proceedings before the Inspector General for the Protection of Personal Data (in such matters as, for example, the official inspections of databases). We also advise on matters involving issues of private law, such as suits on copyright infringements, acts of unfair competition or moral rights of undertakings and individuals.

We are developing legal advice in the new field of private enforcement in antitrust cases, whereby undertakings can seek damages related to antitrust violations or protect themselves against damage claims.

Another new field of legal activities is class actions, also in favour of consumers. MSM is anticipating specific new Polish regulations on class actions, to be promulgated in the near future, and will develop its legal advice in class action matters.