Prof. dr hab. Ryszard Markiewicz

The legal views presented by Prof. Ryszard Markiewicz in his publications have been quoted on many occasions in the Polish courts and applied in practice by the regulatory bodies. They are also frequently used by businesses and authors while negotiating complex agreements, in transactions, or while enforcing their rights before courts and other judicial institutions.

Prof. Ryszard Markiewicz has been regularly nominated as an expert in various legislation projects or provided comments on draft laws regulating copyright, personal data protection, database law, and unfair competition law.

Prof. Ryszard Markiewicz has a long-time experience in providing legal advice to businesses, dating back to one of Poland’s first privatizations with the participation of foreign capital in 1990. Since more than 20 years, he has been advising Polish and international companies in the form of consultations, legal opinions and analyses, etc. He is the author of several precedential interpretations of law, widely used by companies in court cases of all sorts and in the negotiations of business transactions.

Prof. Ryszard Markiewicz has been also the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of a large Polish industrial.

Prof. Ryszard Markiewicz is an arbitrator of the Court of Conciliation for Internet Domains of the Polish Chamber of Information Technology and Telecommunications. He was a member of the Commission on Law of the Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences, and of ATRIP, the International Association for the Advancement of Teaching and Research in Intellectual Property. He is also a member of the Editorial Committees of the three well know Polish legal periodicals („Kwartalnik Prawa Prywatnego”, „Glosa” i „Przegląd Prawa Handlowego”).

Prof. Ryszard Markiewicz is admitted to practice as a legal counsellor (radca prawny) and is a member of the Cracow Bar.